The Ultimate Guide To Choosing The Perfect Wine

The Ultimate Guide To Choosing The Perfect Wine

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Imagine going out to a restaurant for dinner or lunch, and having to choose the best kind of wine that perfectly complements your meal. You really want to impress them with your knowledge on types of wine and the perfect wine-food pairings. However, you aren’t quite able to decide which wine would go well with your meal.


Such a bummer, isn’t it?

Well, you no longer have to worry about that! This ultimate guide will come to your aid the next time you are handed the wine list and are expected to select the perfect wine!

Red Goes with Red

For starters, always remember that red wine always goes best with red foods. These foods include rich meals like steaks, lamb, red-sauce pasta, veal, etc. Basically, these foods that have robust qualities that set-off the strong taste and aroma of red wines.

Some of the best red wine options include Cabernet Sauvignon, which is a delicious red wine grape variety. It contains an array of different flavours like black currant and green peppers and is considered to be a very powerful wine.

Smith Madrone Cabernet Sauvignon, Spring Mountain District, USA

Another great choice is Merlot, a soft and lush type of red wine with flavours of berries, plums, and chocolates.

White Goes with Light

As if this wasn’t obvious already, white wines perfectly harmonise with lightly seasoned foods, since white wine, when consumed on its own, has a distinctive fruity and crispy taste. These light foods can include salads, chicken, salmon, and even fruits.

One of the most popular white wine varieties includes Oaked Chardonnay. It contains a rich, vanilla flavour and is believed to be a very luscious and all-rounder kind of a wine.

Another excellent option is Sauvignon Blanc, often referred to as “summer in a glass”. This wine is said to be as refreshing as a glass of lemonade, given the amazing acidic kick it contains, coupled with an aromatic smell that is similar to freshly cut grass.



Consider Pairing Up

One of the worst culinary clashes has to be when your wine doesn’t compliment your food. So, it is imperative that you spend a few minutes and thoroughly consider the wine-food combination that you’re about to devour. For instance, if you are eating something sweet, possibly a dessert, look for a wine that has low sugar content because you certainly don’t want to experience a sugar rush.

Muscadet is a French white wine which is quite known for its dryness and also consists of a very sharp and tangy taste. It will go perfectly well with all those overly-sweet desserts. Similarly, if you are eating something dry, look for a wine with a strong pop or kick to balance the dryness of the meal.

Explore Your Meal

It is all about knowing your food and understanding what kind of wine would fit best. If you have ordered a meal that has a high level of saltiness, go for a dessert wine or a fruity red wine. Perhaps, you could go for something like Chenin Blanc, a white wine grape variety that consists of a high acidic content, making it a well-balanced dessert wine.

Similarly, if your meal is a little bitter and consists of ingredients like rocket and olives, you ought to pick something that balances the acidity and bitterness of the meal. So, a young red wine would go best in this case. An example of such a wine would be Pinot Noir. It is a light bodied red wine with soft flavours ranging from tobacco and plums.

In the end, if all else fails, the best way to pick the perfect wine is by going with your gut!



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