Life Hacks: How to Shorten A Dress

Life Hacks: How to Shorten A Dress

Fashion is certainly an ever-evolving industry; one day you see beautiful models absolutely rocking those long, flowing dresses with never-ending trails and the next thing you know, short and skimpy dresses have made a massive comeback. For someone who is on a budget or doesn’t want to keep updating their wardrobe with new clothes, it can be hard to keep up with these ever-evolving fashion statements.

So, what do you do? You certainly can’t keep throwing off old clothes to buy new ones. Lucky for you, there is always a life hack for such fashion dilemmas.

The next time you find your long gowns and dresses just idly hanging in your wardrobe, here is how you can shorten them and rock them like a pro!

Step 1: Get Your Supplies

The first thing that you need to do is obviously to ensure that you have all your supplies ready like scissors, sewing machine, measuring tape, a piece of chalk, pins, sewing needle and thread.

Step 2: Find a Dress with Your Desired Length

The best way to make a long dress shorter is by having another dress with your desired length so it’s easier for you to compare the two. This way, you will know exactly how much you need to cut and sew the dress you want to shorten.

Step 3: Trace the Hemline

Once you have identified the new length, trace the new hemline on your dress with the help of your piece of chalk.

Step 4: Create the New Hemline

Cut out the new hemline a little lower than the line you drew with the chalk. The reason for cutting below the chalk line is that extra cloth is required to fold the fabric and cover the edges. So, you need to make room for the hem fold. Cut along the line with scissors and secure the edges with the help of some pins.

Step 5: Sew the Edges

Once the edges have been pinned, sew around the edges of the cloth on your sewing machine in order to secure the hem in place. As you sew, remove the pins and finish it off by cutting any excess fabric or thread that may be sticking out

Step 6: Flaunt That Short Dress

Now, there is nothing else left for you to do except trying on your new short dress and flaunting it around!

This sounds easy, doesn’t it?

Don’t Want to Damage Your Dress Permanently? Then Try This!

However, if you don’t wish to alter your dress or end up damaging it in any way, you can easily use a pin to pinch the dress from the corners or even from the bottom. Doing this won’t only make the dress shorter but it will also give it a whole new look!

If you still want to take the style of the dress up a notch while making it shorter, you can use a fancy belt. The belt won’t just act as an embellishment but you can tuck away all the extra material under the belt.

The best part about pins and belts is that when long dresses are back in fashion, you can simply remove them and ta-da! You have your long dress back, looking as good as new!

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