Life Hacks: How to Dry Yourself When You Forget A Towel

Life Hacks: How to Dry Yourself When You Forget A Towel

Life Hacks How To Dry Yourself When You Forget A Towel

Many people are always in a hurry and encounter some critical situations at times. Imagine you are in a long warm bath or shower, and realise you have forgotten to bring in the towel OMG! It is when you are standing in the bathtub with water dripping from your soaked hair. This is the perfect time to think of the life hacks.

The #3 Life Hacks!

#Hack 1:

You can use paper towels in the bathroom for emergencies. They are ideal for patting and dabbing out the water. Unlike the regular tissue paper, they are gentle on the skin.

Collect your hair together and sweep it to one shoulder. Then take two layers of the paper towel and start patting from the top of the head to the end. As you are near the end, squeeze your hair in a wringing and twisting fashion. Do this on top of a sink or in the shower so the excess water from the collected hair does not drip on the bathroom causing a mess.

#Hack 2:

The second of the life hacks is probably to use a blow dryer. Just dry the hair and body in a few minutes! Don’t get too carried away with it! We all know how fun it is to stay on a hand dryer in a pubic bathroom 😂.

#Hack 3:

You can use an old t-shirt or skirt for drying the wet hair or the body. It is also advisable for anyone using this method to later let them dry by hanging them before placing them in the laundry basket! We don’t want the laundry basket to stink 👃.

These are the smartest and fastest life hacks everyone might find helpful in emergencies!

Lesson: Always leave paper towel in the bathroom!

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