How To Tie Up Thick Hair

How To Tie Up Thick Hair

How To Tie Up Thick Hair

Thick, voluminous, and voluptuous hair is a true blessing. Most of us endlessly strive towards enhancing our thin and dull hair with the help of a variety of hair thickening products like shampoos, hair masks, and conditioners.

However, many girls are born with thick hair and only they can truly tell how overwhelming it can get to manage such difficult hair. Try out these easy and simple hairstyles that will help you tie up those thick locks if you ever feel like toning down that mane.

Twisted Hair Updo

This is a simple yet graceful updo for women struggling with thick hair. All you need to do is first brush your hair to remove all knots and tangles. Next, use a little hair-spray to hold the hair in place. Gather all your hair at the nape of your neck and twist it vertically. Coil all the hair into a bun and secure it all together with bobby pins or U-pins. Spray on some hairspray to finish off styling.

Stuff Style Bun for Thin Hair


The Half Updo

If you like to tie up your hair but also let it loose at the same time, this hairstyle is your best pick. It will take out some thickness from the bottom section, making it easier to manage. Separate your hair into sections horizontally. Twist the upper section into a half-bun and secure with pins. Let the bottom layer loose and ta-da! You have the perfect half bun updo.


Simple High Pony-Tail

There is indeed nothing simpler than a classic ponytail. All it requires you to do is grab all your hair high up on your head and secure it with a tight hair elastic. Not only will your ponytail look super voluminous and bouncy but it will also stay put and prevent you from going through the hassle of doing your hair multiple times a day.

Braided and Ponytail

This funky hairstyle is the ultimate fusion of two of your favorites: ponytail and braid. Not only is it easy to make but it looks super chic, too. Separate a thick section of your hair from the front and braid it into a French braid. Secure the end with a hair elastic. Then, gather the rest of the hair and tie it into a high or low ponytail. Finish it off by wrapping the French braid around the ponytail to give it a funky effect!

Hair Bungee

Ever tried making a hair bungee to manage your thick hair? All you need to do is place a bobby pin at the end of each hair tie or hair band that you’re using and rotate it around the hair multiple times. Doing this not only ensures tightness, but also covers up both the hair tie and the bobby pin.

Use A Robe Belt

If the above-mentioned hair-fixes don’t work for you, perhaps you could tie your hair with the help of a robe belt. Cut a robe belt into half, twist it around your hair and secure the ends with two hair ties. 

It’s time you tame your thick hair. Try these hairstyles now and bid farewell to wild, difficult hair!



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