How To Dress Your Body Type

How To Dress Your Body Type

How To Dress Your Body Type

Isn’t it an absolute bummer when you go to your favourite clothing store, put on an amazingly pretty evening dress, only to realise that it doesn’t exactly ‘fit’ your body shape? You are then left wondering why it didn’t look as good on you as you thought it would.

The solution to this wardrobe dilemma is simple- identify your body shape and always dress according to your body type. Every individual has a different body shape and there are particular clothes meant for each body type. So find yours out below and figure out how to dress accordingly.


This body shape is characterised by a well-defined waistline, a balanced and proportionate top and bottom body part. It is also curvy so it is best to go for the kind of clothes that accentuate those curves and the waist.

Best Clothes:

A-line dresses, V or plunge V necklines, pencil skirts, skater dresses, outfits with belts at the waist.


Straight or Banana

It is just like the name suggests: straight line body, little or no curves, small bust, thighs and hips. You want to add definition to your body and appear a little bulkier than you really are.

Best Clothes:

Off-shoulder tops, boat necks, crop tops, pencil skirts, ruffled dresses, jumpsuits, gathered skirts and peplums.


Pear, Spoon or Bell

This shape is all about the lower body and is marked by visually bigger thighs and hips compared to the shoulders. It may often even have prominent love handles. Here, you may want to enhance your lower body but also strike a balance.

Best Clothes:

Skinny jeans, loose tops, pencil skirts, ruffled tops, boat necks, crop tops and wide-legged straight pants.



This is also called an “inverted triangle” and features a heavier upper body with broad shoulders, a slightly bigger bust line and slimmer legs and hips. You want to flaunt your legs and emphasise your torso.

Best Clothes:

Empire cuts, A-line dresses, V necks, flared bottoms like palazzos, button-up shirts and skinny jeans.



This is a fairly straightforward body shape with well-balanced shoulders and hips. Your arms and legs are important here so you may want to flaunt them through your dressing.

Best Clothes:

Long jackets, blazers, ruffled tops, A-line skirts, straight trousers, sleeveless, strapless and layered tops.

Are you ready to hit your favourite clothing store? This time, you won’t be so bummed because now you know exactly what best fits your body shape!


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