Easy Ways To Fix A Bad Hair Day

Easy Ways To Fix A Bad Hair Day

Easy Ways To Fix A Bad Hair Day

How to Fix a Bad Hair Day!

It is one of life’s biggest ironies that the one day you want your hair and skin to be absolutely on fleek, they just don’t feel like cooperating. While you can easily fix your skin with the help of makeup, what do you do about the hair? You can’t possibly rush to the shower or spend hours fixing your hair with a flat iron. Funnily enough, bad hair days hit at the worst possible times, like before an extremely important meeting, an interview, or even a dinner date!

Here are some of the things you can do the next time your hair looks like an electrocuted mess.

Baby Powder

As surprising or amusing as this may sound, baby powder is your go-to quick fix for oily and greasy hair. It contains amazing absorbing properties that absorb all the excess oil from your hair. Simply sprinkle some baby powder on the roots and scalp and gently massage it with your hand or brush through it.


Dry Shampoo

This prevents the need to wash your hair when you’re running late and works almost the same way as the baby powder does. It also absorbs all the grease and oil from your hair, leaving it looking refreshed, while also adding volume.

Braids or Ponytails

Nothing saves a bad hair day as efficiently and quickly as braids do. Or even ponytails. A slick back ponytail will work perfectly with dirty hair because your hair will have zero frizz! Or even a slick back bun. Both hairstyles are so versatile that they will save your bad hair day in great ways, and no one will even notice a thing! Interestingly, braids look even better in messy hair because they tend to hold better!

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Headbands or Hat

Needless to say, this one is a given. So, you don’t have dry shampoo or baby powder and don’t feel like braiding your hair? No problem, throw a cute little hat over your hair to hide away all that mess or put on a thick headband.

The next time you wake up with bed-head hair or with excess oil in your hair, don’t fret and simply make use of these ultimate life-savers.

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