Ariana Grande Makes a Comeback From Her Depression And Anxiety

Ariana Grande Makes a Comeback From Her Depression And Anxiety

Ariana Grande on The Late Late Show with James Corden

Ariana Grande makes a comeback from her recent interview on The Late Late Show with James Cordon! Find out just how far she has come dealing with her anxiety and depression. 

On February 19, 2019, the 25-year old pop star appeared on the show to discuss her music and career as an artist.

James congratulated Ariana for being the first young artist to be ranked on the top three spots of the ‘Billboard Hot 100 Charts’ since The Beatles.

Fans Were Really Concerned After Watching Ariana’s Interview

Ariana Grande’s interview was supposed to exhibit notes of positivity, optimism, and happiness. However, the interview left her fans really worried for Ariana.

Many fans have majorly pointed out her behaviour while she was talking to James.  Ariana appeared to be extremely nervous and anxious on the show.

Her nerves seemed to be going off the charts and she displayed signs of serious anxiety. She was reported to have said sorry almost 13 times.

“I was so excited that you asked me to do this today cause usually, I don’t have anything to do than just make songs and just rehearse and that’s it. My personal life is still non-existent so I was excited to come here”.

Ariana Grande openly admitted that she did not really expect herself to be seated on the sofa that day. She further added that she’ll take a break and go away for a little while and that she was “tired of her voice.”

Other than that, the star was awkwardly shuffling around for most part of the interview and repeatedly kept apologising and saying sorry.

The Host Saved the Day

Despite Ariana Grande’s obvious anxiety and nervousness, James Cordon, being the amazing guy that he is, was extremely kind and polite with Ariana and really tried to reassure her. Towards the end of the interview, James Cordon, surprised her with a special, customised celebratory cake, leaving her happy.

A great news for all Ariana Grande fans is that she is back in the game with her new single called “Monopoly” which looks like another hit already. She is also all set to take the fashion industry by the storm since she is now the new face of Givenchy. Givenchy is a French luxury fashion and perfume house. Safe to say, things are looking really good for Ariana!


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