About Missezd


Our goal is to empower women globally to be confident in their own skin and be who they want to be. We are inspired by the new generation of modern millennial females. We strive to do exactly that.

Everything we create is to inspire our customers. We create our unique pieces by the in-house stylist. There is a fascinating tale behind each piece we produce. Each and every one of our pieces are created as a sketch and brought to life to tell its own tale. Creating a destination that delivers and encompasses women globally by making our products affordable to everyone.

The mannequin is an outline of our Missezd Babez around the world. A woman carries her own style, attitude and creative expression. There is not a specific mannequin, but instead, we allow our iconic women to dress their own.

The Missezd Babe is bold, a go-getter and a dream chaser. She is strong and at the same time compassionate.

We strive to advocate young females to go for what they want and achieve it.

Love Missezd

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